Âu Co Vietnamese school

Au Co Language program provides, promote, and preserve the Vietnamese language and culture, leadership development for the young generation, and aiding the seniors in their golden years.  I started as a “teacher aids” in pre-school language class.  What an experience it was!  Hats off to all volunteers at this Saturday language program.  From this platform, I recently started my music class — the Vietnamese Zither or Dan Tranh.  Check out the website:


My teacher, Van-Anh Vo, told us that she can tell if one can “make” it after 90 days of playing the instrument.  Pah, I started 10/15; so, I have another 70 days to go.

My classmates are 2 young kids, age 8 and 9, and Ashley – Mom of the 9 years old.  It is lots of fun while we are in class.  It is the practice.  It is always the practice, isn’t it?