Don’t just listen to me, hear it from my clients!
Leonard J.
Me and my family experience working with Patricia was the best. She is the best in the business. We couldn’t have picked a better realtor. If you are looking for a realtor. Patricia is the one to go to.
Dan N.
I had a great experience working with Patricia to buy my first home. She specializes in the Bay Area, but made an effort to help me with my Sacramento home-hunting by driving me there multiple times! She’s very responsive and is always available to answer questions by text, call, or email. I highly recommend Patricia!
P L.
Patricia is a pleasure to work with. Her candid perspective is refreshing. It made the whole home purchasing experience so much easier. I appreciate her diligence and promptness. More importantly, she was never pushy, which made the whole experience that much more enjoyable. I will definitely work with Patricia again in the future.
Debra J.
This young woman is a super star, and miracle worker.  Patricia works with energy made of incredible strength.  Every task put before her comes out in huge returns with love.  You can tell she enjoys her work.  She shows her  professionalism at all times and she is super smart on decision making.  The thing I love most about Patricia Nguyen is she keeps it real, sound, and she is a special friend indeed as well as a business woman. She sold my parents home immediately following the listing and made it happen the date we predicted at top dollar amount.
Coldwell Banker is blessed to have Patricia Nguyen and so am I.
You are worthy of more than 5 stars!
Elyse C.
Patricia got us top dollar when my siblings and I sold our Mother’s home. She was an energetic and enthusiastic saleswoman who knows just what to say to prospective buyers. Plus, she coordinated an extensive pre-sale re-model — she was on the spot when she was needed. Plus, she’s a really fun person to work with!
Bob P.
I met Patricia Nguyen when discussing the selling of my son’s house in the Sunnyside neighborhood of San Francisco.   I had agreed to help with the sale since my son was now living in Texas. I was very impressed with her former experience as a project manager in the hi-tech industry.  I thought that this would be invaluable in her efforts in selling the home.
Initially my son wanted to restore the house to its original pristine condition.  I contacted several building contractors in order to get an estimate for the extensive remodeling required.  The estimates were very expensive.  Patricia made a very strong suggestion to my son not to spend all that money to renovate the home.  Instead she recommended that we completely remove all of the furniture and personal belongings in the home. She would also help with the selection of haulers to remove all of the trash left by squatters who had been evicted from the house.  She would then contact a cleaning service to thoroughly clean the house.  We would then take care of some necessary repairs that a handyman could accomplish. She also recommended that we install a new roof as this would be a good selling point. She said that we could let the new owner decide what color scheme to use for painting the entire house, what flooring to use, etc. She made the point that we would never be able to recover all of the money spent on remodeling at the time of sale. My son and I agreed with her suggestion. She listed the house as a “fixer-upper”.  She was successful in selling the house at a higher price then we expected.  Her suggestion saved us a lot of money.  Patricia’s efforts went beyond the call of duty when you consider all of the time she spent dealing with  the months and months of the eviction process.  I highly recommend Patricia since she will go the extra mile to get your house sold and will be tenacious in doing so.
Hien L.
Patricia is a miracle worker! I randomly reached out to her when I first got an idea to buy a house in the Bay Area 4 years ago. I reached out to Patricia in January and finally got my own condo 8 months later! Through out the entire process of countless open houses and visits, offers and rejects, I sticked with Patricia because she made the whole process painless and surprisingly pleasant. Patricia understood thoroughly first time home owner’s nervousness and stress and assisted every step of the way in anyway she could.

Fast forward 3 years after, my husband and I bought a house and sold my condo, and again, we relied heavily on Patricia. She delivered beyond our expectations and we cannot express how grateful we’re to her. She’s personal and professional. She loves helping her customers achieve what they want and I’d recommend her to all of my friends who want to buy/sell houses.

A C.
We met Patricia at an open house she was hosting. She was very friendly and very knowledgable about the area we were looking at in San Francisco. My wife and I decided that she was the agent for us and started our trek towards home ownership. Nearly five months later, and numerous offers we were finally able to finally close on our forever home. Throughout the process Patricia remained adamant that we would be able to find a home, even after several unsuccessful bids. She was extremely responsive both in emails and on the phone…like the woman didn’t know how to sleep. We highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for an agent.
Emily C.
Patricia is amazing to work with! We randomly met her at another home’s open house, where she was the listing agent, and instantly knew that we wanted to work with her. About a month later, with her persistence, hard work, and strategic negotiation, she helped us purchase the home of our dreams! We couldn’t be happier. 5 stars
Eric N.


Patricia was great,  honest  and very competent.  As part of my divorce I had to sell my home.During this hard time for me she was very supportive and patient. I will gladly work with her again.
Aihua Z.
I met Patricia in an open house event in Daly City.  With her help, I got my cozy one bed room condo in San Bruno last year.  Due to some unpredictable reasons, my purchase procedure took quite long time (almost a year) and I almost gave up.  Thanks for Patricia’s patience, persistency, determination and professional experience; I finally got the home I really like and the home is relatively affordable in this area.  Patricia role and help could be, actually, beyond as a realtor because she really cares about you. Through this long purchase procedure, we have become good friends and when I was sick last year, she went to hospital to visit me.
Wayne I.
Patricia sealed the deal for us on a residential property transaction that was mired in bureaucratic land mines as in the bank not approving the loan in time to close escrow.  Not a problem for her, we went to plan B and got it done post haste.  I’m glad we had her on our side.

Patricia is an extremely hard worker.  She returned EVERY single text I sent her.  When things got hot and heavy, she was returning my texts after 11:30 pm!  Seriously, how many agents are there that turn off their phones after a certain time in the evening to get a break from their clients?  Not Patricia, as long as she is awake, she will respond to your concerns, that is the ultimate in customer service!  You will never feel ignored.

The highest compliment I can give her is that if a neutral 3rd party was watching her in action, they would not be able to tell if she was fighting for her own house purchase or that of a client’s purchase.  Her determination and tenacity would be the same in either case.

I have no reservations making this recommendation whatsoever.  The pronunciation of her last name says it all: “WIN”